Kale and chicken in my cart, darkness in my heart

Okay… There is no darkness in my heart. But I am frustrated. Basically… this is where my frustration comes from:

The Tragedy of the Healthy Eater. This article is all in good fun.  It’s hyperbole, but there’s a lot of truth nestled between those jokes.  But mostly, this just made me laugh.

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is that I need to focus on putting myself out there to find a new job.  I just want to spend more time trying to “save the world” or at least work with an organization that cares about the state of our environment.  I don’t want to bleed environmentalism because, ultimately, nature will have her way in the end.  I have no doubt about that.  But I would much rather be trying to do good than blatantly participating in something I don’t believe in.  I just want consistency in my life.  I can’t ignore the ugly truths that need to happen: insurance, income, regular schedule etc…

But this whole project is about attracting abundance in my life.  It’s there for the taking.  I have my goals and I’m putting them out there.  Everything that has happened and is happening is for a a reason, leading me to where I need to go. I certainly have faith in that.  My life is mine alone and no one is going to live it for me.  SO I really need to take each decision I make about my well being seriously.  However, I want to make sure that I make room for simplicity and light.

I want to make sure that I have my priorities straight and keep working out of love and service to the divine.  That’s so important in creating an authentic existence.  Something that I heard in the lecture I’m listening to is to love those who challenge me anyway- perhaps don’t keep them close, but send them love and light.  People react more favorably to positive energy than negative.  This seems obvious, but it’s harder to practice than it would seem.  The people who are the more difficult are the ones who need love the most.



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