Progress and Goals

So, I’m pretty excited that this little blog, as new as it is, is actually getting some attention from people I didn’t know existed before this whole thing started. It’s a small following at this point, but none-the-less it makes me super happy! Thanks so much for clicking the “follow” button! I’m humbled!

Pardon my growing pains… I’m still trying to get into a routine with this blog. But I wanted to note that I plan on this being a significant part of my life, whether it gains a following or not. I know initially at least, I didn’t really have a direction to go in, so a few things don’t particularly mesh with the Paleo lifestyle. But I want to leave those posts there because they are still a part of my evolution into this way of life. I also don’t want this to become a source for stress, so I’m trying not to give myself deadlines and quotas to meet. However I do want to make sure I’m putting out my thoughts and motives on a consistent basis to hold myself accountable and also to entertain and inspire those who have decided to follow!

So I’ll say this. I want to make sure that the photographs that I post on this blog are professional. My concentration during photography school was food photography, and I was never able to pursue it in the way I truly wanted to, so that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to start this project. I’m constantly taking photos of table-scapes and dishes with my iPhone, but I try to keep those limited to my Instagram, and maybe one day in the future I will decide to go in a different direction there… but… I, like most millennials, am guilty of posting an AWFUL picture of a beautiful plate of food from time to time. I want to ensure that this isn’t the case with this particular forum. So that’s basically been my holdup. I also know that crazy-wordy posts (like this one is turning out to be) don’t really garner a lot of popularity. Photos are where it’s at.

In light of this, I want to express a couple of my goals. First of all, I want to become more consistent with photographing the food that I prepare. Part of the issue here is that sometimes I feel a little insecure: “Oh this isn’t interesting enough… People have seen something like this before…” I’m experimenting a lot with flavors, and since I work full time in addition to having my own business, my free time is pretty minimal. Usually, my meals are prepared fairly quickly and then I usually move on to the next task pretty rapidly. I’m doing a lot better about making sure that I don’t scarf things down without appreciating what it took to grow and create the dish, but I don’t always take the time to make my meals beautiful and nutritious. And the last thing I want is a blog full of ugly photos… As I mentioned previously.

Secondly, I want to expand my content to discuss other things happening. I don’t want to inundate you with 12-page manifestos about why I hate something, though. This is a place for positive thoughts and inspirational material.

Onto the cool stuff…

I am feeling AWESOME lately. This week is the 6th week I’ve been eating paleo meals. The first couple of weeks I found myself craving sugar. I was eating a lot of fruit, and that was helping a little, but I decided to cut the fruit for a while and I’ve been doing pretty well with that. And I’ve noticed just this week that my appetite has significantly decreased. I don’t know if that’s because my body is feeling more satisfied with the fuel I’m giving it or if my insulin has started to regulate… I’m not sure. Probably both of those things and more… I used to get shaky if I hadn’t eaten for a few hours, sometimes to the point where I felt like I was going to pass out, but I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and I received some great news. I have lost 12 pounds in these 5 ½ weeks. My doctor had a pretty funny reaction, “How did you do this?” was the first thing that came out of his mouth when he looked at my chart. We discussed what I have been doing and how I’m feeling about it. He is giving me great support, without being too suffocating which is an unexpected surprise from a medical professional in my personal experience, and I’m super grateful for it. I also gave him the link to this blog (Hi, Dr. G., if you’re reading this!) He told me I should be sharing what I’m doing with others. Ideally speaking, I hope and pray that this will become a source of inspiration to myself and others. If I can help someone else by sharing what I’m going through? That would be icing on the cake (maybe I should come up with a better, more paleo cliché than cake…)

So, full steam ahead! I’m loving how I’m feeling! I’m loving that I’m feeling motivated to return to Crossfit Pisgah and do some lifting. It’s been so great so far in the couple of weeks I’ve been back at it. I’ve really missed the community, and have been welcomed back with open arms from people who are working out and the coaches. I’m taking it a little on the easy side. I really don’t want another injury. It’s a bit foreign for me to say no, but I need to be VERY in tune with my body and what it’s ready for. I’m supplementing with lots of stretching, walking and yoga. My goal is sustainability, not beating myself into submission. This approach, in all respects, seems to be working!


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