Holidays and efforts to sleep

It’s that time of year… New Year’s Resolution time. And I’m honestly not a fan of that terminology, but I am a fan of new beginings and taking opportunity and momentum when you can grab it. Last year I wrote down a list of goals to work on, based on different categories: Exercise, Nutrition and health, work and finances, relationships and spirituality/mind. While my work and finances goals didn’t really pan out as anticipated (though I made SOME progress in certain financial aspects… hey… I’ll take it) most of the other areas got a lot of love and I made a lot of headway.

Since going paleo in late April, I have lost 45 pounds and that feels like a monumental success. It’s given me a great start to 2015, andI look a lot healthier in my family Christmas photos than I did last year



kidsAs a side note, can we acknowledge that my preference for red flannel hasn’t changed in approximately 18 years? Just sayin. My family does the annual “cousin” photo and I love to see the comparisons.  We’ve all come a long way and I think it’s great.

So for 2015, several things are standing out that I really want to make some strides in because I think it will really help improve my quality of life.

I’ve been listening to the Robb Wolf podcast like crazy lately, and recently he had some visitors that discussed “The Sitting Solution.” This was pretty eye opening, as I work a desk job 40 hours per week so I’m sitting almost the entire time I’m there. Additionally I have a 30 minute drive each way, so that’s another 10 hours of sitting. Our ancestors simply did not, and COULD NOT, do this. We had to be up and moving to hunt and gather because life depended upon it. Now our hunting and gathering is done at the grocery store down the street and meals are consumed in front of binge-watching Netflix marathons. And I mean… don’t get me wrong, now that Friends is on Netflix, you KNOW I’ve been all over that, especially since I live alone. Anyway, the moral of the story is that sitting so much is bad for me. And I want to get better at taking standing and walking breaks to help engage my hip flexors during my waking hours.

Also, another area I need significant improvement on is consistently getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night, if not a little more than. I think my body does a bit better in the 9 hour range. This means I have to go to bed earlier which is something I’m just not very good at doing. My evenings are my social time, but more than that, it’s when I do crossfit, and since I’m trying to start a new business, it’s also when I work on projects for that. So going to bed at 9:30, although this sounds absurd and I hate the idea is something I need to work on.

And emotionally speaking, after rereading The Four Agreements, I’ve realized I want to quit engaging in office gossip. It’s not good for anyone involved, and I’m tired of the negativity that results from it. I want to think my efforts to be informed of what’s going on with everyone comes from a good place, but I think it would be better if I tried to just operate on a one-on-one level from now on and use integrity when I’m speaking about someone or to someone. We are the only animals on this earth capable of spoken communication and it’s a shame that we use this super-power for bad instead of good.

So more paleo goodies to come in the New Year. I’m pretty sure I’m a lifer at this point, even if my busy schedule doesn’t support me updating my blog as often as I would like.


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