I will go ahead and admit that Wayne Dyer is the inspiration behind the title of this blog.  He tells a story in his lecture “Secrets of living an Inspired (In Spirit) Life” of a little girl who is bawling her eyes out because the powers that be gave her the wrong color slurpie.  She wanted the yellow one, and they gave her purple.  He approached this inconsolable child and shows her a monarch butterfly, which is a pretty powerful symbol in my life, and as Dyer puts it, “She goes from pissed… to blissed.”

I think I may be a little upset that life gave me a purple slurpie instead of a yellow one.

This blog is a project for me to recognize the butterflies and let go of the purple slurpies.  I’m ready to change and I think I need to work some kinks out.

I’m not going to put myself on any kind of timeline.  I want to watch my life unfold in the natural and beautiful way that it will.   I want to make more efforts to bring myself from a state of being PISSED to a state of being BLISSED.

I plan to stare the positive steps I’m taking towards my own enlightenment in my health and wellbeing.  I will be sharing what I’m cooking, where I’m going, how I’m exercising, projects I’m working on, books I’m reading… things that bring nourishment into my life.  I think my journey will be successful, no matter what outcomes prevail.

Bring on the bliss.


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